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4/24/21 The Rustic (Dallas, TX)
5/29/21 Twilite Lounge (Dallas, TX)
7/24/21 The BarN (Austin, TX)
8/27/21 The Texan Theater (Greenville, TX)
9/25/21 One-2One (Austin, TX)
10/30/21 Bayou Music Center (Houston, TX)
11/27/21 M.A.S.S (Fort Worth, TX)
12/30/21 Will Call (Dallas, TX)
3/25/22 The Rustic (Houston, TX)
3/26/22 The Rustic (San Antonio, TX)
4/2/22 Deep Ellum Arts Festival (Dallas, TX)
4/8/22 Double Wide (Dallas, TX)
4/29/22 ABGB (Austin, TX)
5/11/2022 Will Call Bar (Dallas, TX) Paco Solo
5/14/2022 Legacy Hall (Plano, TX) Paco Solo
5/20/22 Shuck N Jive (Dallas, TX)
5/26/22 Sofar Sounds (Dallas, TX)

6/23/22 The Rustic (Dallas, TX)
6/24/22 Native Station (Royse City, TX)
7/2/2022 Freedom Fest (Flooresville, TX)
7/9/2022 White Oak Music Hall (Houston, TX)
9/1/2022 The Rustic (Houston, TX)
9/2/2022 The Rustic (San Antonio, TX)
9/23/2022 Will Call (Dallas, TX)
10/1/2022 Sound & Vision 
10/28/2022 Lola's (Fort Worth, TX)
12/17/2022 Twilite Lounge (Dallas, TX)
1/20/2023 The Free Man (Dallas, TX)
3/1/2023 Sofar Sounds (Dallas, TX)
3/31/2023 Sundown at Granada (Dallas, TX)
5/6/2023 Hunt County Arts Festival
5/19/2023 Nasher Sculpture Garden (Dallas, TX)
6/10/2023 Sofar Sounds (Fort Worth, TX)
6/15/2023 Sofar Sounds (Plano, TX)
6/16/2023 The Rustic (Dallas, TX)
6/22/2023 Sofar Sounds (Dallas, TX)
7/20/2023 Sofar Sounds (Dallas, TX)
7/22/2023 Sideways (Rockwall, TX)
9/15/2023 Sofar Sounds (Dallas, TX)
10/3/2023 Harvest Hall (Grapevine, TX)

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